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CW Team Probables for Western Conference
By Arjun Rajagopalan - CW Chairman
Aug 31, 2010
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CWCB picks the list of probables for the CW team.

Below are the list of Probables:

Please determine availability of players below for Sept 17/18/19 as well as eligibility based on the attached USACA Qualification Rules.

They would go out on the 16th evening to LA and return on the 19th night.

Majid Rizvi
Ryan Corns
Niraj Shah
Kishan Patel
Andre Rowe
Owen Brown

Misbah Rehman
Rohit Ramkumar
Kervyn Dimney

Vivek Inampudi
Jignesh Desai
Kashyap Desai
Dev Jivnani
Amit Rupani

Amit Lopez
Chakri Gottemukkala
Basit Zubair
Humayun Bashir
Yaqub Ali
Jawad Khalid

Additional members:

Usman Shuja
Sushil Nadkarni
Rahul Kukreti
Orlando Baker
Abbas (U-19)

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