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Cougars find ways of contributing to the Cougars Fund
By Kervyn Dimney - CCL President & proud Cougar
Jun 22, 2010
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Cougars are voluntarily donating their umpiring fees to the Cougars Fund.

There is a lot of enthusiasm among the Cougars this year, that not only showed at the 2010 CW Tournament, but also back home after the tournament.

Seeing the effort put in, and knowing what it takes to make the Cougars participate in the CW Tournament, our Cougar players have started donating their umpiring fees that they receive to the Cougars Fund.

We are very proud to see this voluntary contribution happening from within the Cougars itself; and we hope to see the bug catching on with the rest of the league.

Even CCL Vice-President Suresh Talatoti donated his umpiring fees to the Cougars fund.

Earlier, the CCL clubs too had donated towards the Cougars Fund for the 2010 CW Tournament.


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