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Cougars' sincere gratitude to the Cougars Support Staff
By Kervyn Dimney - CCL President
Jun 8, 2010
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"Thank You" from the Cougars

It was very nice to see how sincerely grateful the Cougars were for all the Support that was provided to them through out the entire Cougars Camp and at the CW Tournament. Please read some of the emails below from the Cougars.

The Cougars Support Staff team consisted of:
Selection Committee: Kit Diasabeygunawardena, Narayan Madabusi, Manju Harthikote Matha
Head Coach: Kit Diasabeygunawardena
Assistant Head Coach: Mike Riley
Practice Coordinators: Srinivas Tumallapeta and Manju Harthikote Matha
Team Manager: Shailesh Patel



Before this whole Cougars fever dies out for this year I wanted to take this chance and thank each and everyone involved in making it happen this year.

- First off, thanks for giving me the opportunity to play for Cougars, I won't exaggerate it saying it was dream come true, but it was definitely something I wanted to experience! So thank you for trusting in me and picking me. Thanks everyone in SC!!

- Kit, for constantly encouraging and keeping the spirits high in the camp. It all started off with the well arranged indoor conditioning camps, through the practice sessions, grilling food for us, selecting the team, bring them together, constantly coming as a substitute fielder for our cramping and dehydrated team mates. And the height I guess was staying up till 4:00am on Saturday doing our laundry along with Shailesh. Thanks Chief you rock!

- Shailesh, for being the awesome true team manager in all respects. I guess it started off right from the time we stepped into the hotel at 1:30am when we had awesome food ready for us (we all hogged like pigs). He and Naveen probably ran more than some of us on the field with wet towels, Gatorade and water. Donno how we wud have managed with out him. Thanks Shailesh!

- I want to thank all my team mates for being such a great unit, I wud just say I had a blast and will look forward to next year (if I make the cut :P).



Hi All,

Tej it was nice to see this mail since I was thinking of penning down one from my side. This has been a very good tour by all means for all of us(barring a few onfield moments on the final day) which gave us means to pursue our passion, new friends and a spirit of oneness.

Sailesh Bhai first one for you, as Tej pointed out am sure we all would have been dead on the field if it was not for your constant running onto the field with the gatorades and water and wet towels. Im sure everyone would agree to it and holds a place of respect for you in their hearts and minds. Same goes for Naveen and Tej who backed the rest players while the match was on from off and on the field.

Kit I've marked your last speech to us about our fitness and dedication. Noone can comment on it since what you said was remaining awake for us calls for our dedication and Ill make sure if im there next time i will come with full fitness otherwise Im wont be coming so as to avoid leaving the rest lot on the field instead of putting up a fight.

I've shared this only with Kit but for all of you its here. When I went off the field in the first match Arjun(Chairman, CW) was telling to 2 other fellows - " ohh you Austin guys messed up the innings, You should have watched Colorado innings. The way they fought and paced it. Its a different side for sure Im seeing. They have the experience who are guiding youngsters, they have the mid aged people who are hanging in and they have youth who is energetic and keeping up the spirits. All in all they are different from past and they are good." As a Cougar I took pride in this that we are not the only ones who think this way and thats why we made it to the finals.

To all,

It was awesome. Hope to enlarge this pool.

Ishan Rao


It has been my third time representing cougars but its the first time I am seeing emails even after the CW tournament :) So certainly a good sign for future.

Kit, Manju, Srini, Shailesh, and Gopal you guys have succeeded in having us take the ownership of Cougar. Every cougar in the pool now own this tag. Lastly dont have the words to thanks Shailesh bhai and Kit. It wouldn't possible without you guys.

Will see you guys soon.



Hi Everyone,

With the hot and humid conditions that we are not used to here in beautiful Colorado, we the Cougars put up an awesome performance on the field on Day1 to overcome our first hurdle of winning our first game in the CW Tournaments ever since we started participating in it officially in 2005 and making it to the Finals. Congratulations to our Captain Gopal Susarla, Coach Kit, Manager Shailesh & the rest of the team.

On Day1, an amazing batting performance by Rohith Ramkumar (128), and the 174 run partnership put us in the driver's seat to post a massive 319, that surely put an immense sense of pressure on the opposition; and then some magnificent catching by Dharam Patel in the covers; tight bowling by Ishan, Drumeel, Misbah & Bharath; fielding and catching by our players ensured our victory over Dallas and our spot in the Finals when we wrapped them up around 265.

None of this, seriously, would have ever been possible without the always present coach Kit Diasabeygunawardena and Manager Shailesh Patel. They were there for us all the time. They both made sure that we always hydrated and munching on something to keep up on our energies. The water, gatorade, bananas, energy bars, the cold towels, the massages to get rid of the cramps, keeping track of the required documents, maps to ground & other places was all taken care of. They were, including Naveen/Tej/and the others on/off the field circling the boundary bringing all of us what was required and needed to keep us still focused on the game.
Kit & Shailesh were constantly encouraging us and keeping us motivated, directing us towards our goal. We all would very much agree with everything that Tej and Ishan have highlighted, and are immensely thankful. Thanks for even working on getting sponsors to pay for our Shirts & accommodation (Thanks to Dipal for booking those rooms). Our sincere heart felt thanks to both of you. Special Thanks to Shailesh for an enjoyable evening with delicious food courtesy of/at the London Sizzler.

We are also thankful for all the efforts of the other Cougars Support Staff namely Manju, Srinivas, Mike Riley, and other Cougars/Non- Cougars who were present for the indoor/outdoor practice sessions that were conducted for us.

Our Captain Gopal too did a good job stretching us out with his yoga exercises, keeping us focused of the task ahead, what was expected of us; and also encouraging us to fight hard till the end.
The team too was a great unit and the camaraderie was very much evident among all of us.

On Day2, our openers Misbah Rehman and Omer Rafiq did give us an excellent base to launch another attack, but it was unfortunate that we could not capitalize on that. Even though we ended up having a bad day in the field both with the batting and bowling, the support from Kit/Shailesh was always present.

Fayyaz Sarwar (HCL President) said to me that as long as he could remember, it has never happened where HCL were unable to break the first wicket partnership of 100 runs and more; and thought that we would even bypass the previous day's total of 319.

Our success even though it did not come in a giant leap with us winning the Finals, we can be very much proud of ourselves that we stepped up our game, and moved out of the ever No.3 slot.
We would like to take this same intensity back to our clubs to share and spread what we learnt from this tournament to better our and our colleagues' game, which would increase the level of competition within the league and the Cougars pool.

Thanks to the CCL clubs for their monetary contribution towards the Cougars too.
Hoping that I'm not forgetting anyone, Thanks to everyone that made this tournament a memorable one for us Cougars.

Kervyn Dimney
A proud CCL Cougar.


Hey guys,

Being the youngest of our group I'm very honored to be part of a team
that has for the first time looked like a Cougars team. What I mean is
that for the first time Cougars were represented by the entire league.
Players from every club and like we said this time no one can say that
"oh it's a gold cougars team or FC cougars team" we are the Colorado
Cougars! Although our performance could have been better, I see it as
a stepping stone. We have finally after sooo many years reached a
crucial match in the finals. Congrats to all my teammates for making
this happen and thanks to the entire coaching and support staff for
helping us make this change a memoriable one!

I never knew what being a Cougar felt like or what responsibilities it
comes with but now I have learned and know what is special about the
Cougars! I'm hoping we stay together for a long time because this team
had some sweet rythemic walk and style that next time we will be
hungry for more!!!

Thanks again to everyone and Ishan about that quote that Arjun had
said, let's show them what they really missed out on and go get it all
next year!!!

Go Cougs!!!
Dharam Patel


Well said everyone!!!

It's a good feeling to see this chain of emails even after the tournament got over. I am very glad, to have been picked (Thanks Kit,Gopal!!) , to be a part of this team, to go and play for Cougars, and this surely was a wonderful and a memorable experience .

I'm sure all of us remember how blistering the heat was, and without Shailesh Bhai, Kit and Kaje running around the boundary lines on the first day, giving us water, Gatorade and cold towels all of us would have been roasted dead meat. Thank you guys you really saved us from depleting of strength or energy.

@Dharam- if your dad is not on the mailing list please let him know how thankful we all are to have had him at the ground!!!

Apart from the ordinary display of cricket we showed on the second day, we definitely have something that we can carry forward from this tournament. Like Dharam said I see this as a stepping stone and will strive to perform much better with more workouts and training. After I bowled my second over against Houston, the first thing that came to my mind was my school days, I remembered Robin Uthappa and Jamleesh dispatching each and every ball we bowled to them at cottonian shields, a 211 run opening stand in 25 overs. I rate Ryan as one among them and with a little effort and training we can surely be a lot better against the tougher teams.

Special acknowledgment of appreciation for:
SC, Gopal, Misbah - for selecting me as a part of Cougars,
Kit - for getting those sponsors,
Dipal - for getting those rooms booked (I had a wonderful time with you Buddy!!),
Kervyn - for Booking the Car Rentals,
Shailesh Bhai - Again a MILLION thanks, for keeping us hydrated and for the amazing evening at London Sizzlers.
Kaje and Tej - Thank you both for running around and constantly giving all of us water and wet towels!!

Sorry if I have missed anyone, and again its wonderful to be a part of this Cougar's team and I feel very honoured.

Go Cougars!!!



Thank you all for your hard work. On behalf of the entire team let me just express our indelible gratitude for the care, confidence and unwavering support you provided the team over the past few months and especially over the past weekend in Houston - The results of your commitment to this unit are obvious and speak for themselves based on our performance this year at the CW level. Yes, we can still lengthen our strides and go even further and there are numerous aspects that we will need to address to make us stronger, fitter and above all, smarter than our competition. I think that's what makes this game truly special - There is always another frontier for you to conquer ahead of you.

Shailesh, kudos to the folks at London Sizzlers for the dinner & drinks they provided our team, it was exquisite! I'm going to make sure that I recommend them to those who I know will be travelling to Houston or who I know that lives there.

To the team,

This is my fourth CW tourney and the best one yet, and I'd have to say in addition to being able to adapt to particularly difficult foreign conditions and make progress for the state of Colorado, what's also been a memory of mine is the forward steps we have taken at an individual level, this includes me as well. I must say that I saw boys come of age and turn to men, I saw uncertainty turn to confidence, I saw 13 Cougars playing from the same sheet of music and making the willow and leather do all the talking. Seriously it was &{;#@! epic!

For those of you who missed out this year, and we did miss you, I encourage you to pull through and make the effort to be part of something that has a unique place moving forward for Colorado Cricket - There are far too many talents in our league to not have them showcased at the next level.

Its been said that the best way to cherish an effort, is to enjoy it and I can certainly say that last weekend above all was something I truly enjoyed, as much for the results as for the camaraderie and respect we've developed amongst one another. Lets take what we can from our experiences and share it with the league.


Mr. Riley,

Don't worry mate... Didn't miss you out here intentionally. .. But you got to stop getting me out so regularly! ;)



I do not want to be left out.

I too would love to thank the people who made it possible for us to survive the tough conditions and live another day to tell a story :).

Kit for pushing us to give it our best and keeping us motivated at all times.

Sailesh bhai, for tiring himself but making sure we are not tired and helping us go through two tough days of cricket.

The efforts you guys put in can never be forgotten and is really appreciated.

It was a good feeling to be part of the team and I have taken back many things to learn from and improve on.

Thank you guys once again


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