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CCL-SC selects the 2010 Cougar probables
Jan 11, 2010
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CCL-SC selected the 2010 Cougar probables.

EC and LMC,

Please join us in CONGRATULATING the CCL-SC's selected 2010 Cougar probables.

They are:

Misbah Rehman
Noman Khan
Ishan Rao
Drumeel Thakkar
Rupesh Sagar Muthyala
Rajesh Idate
Omar Rafiq
Gopal Susarla
Dipal Patel
Kervyn Dimney
Rohit Shah
Swadeep Pagadala
Narayan Madabusi
Arun Tholudur
Sunny Ramesh
Rohith Ramkumar
Rajesh Mosur
TejKiran Balijepalli
Naveen Kaje
Kiran Bhaga
Randika Fernando
Karun Godavarthi
Dharam Patel
Munik Shrestha
Mukesh Patel
Harlan Hobbs

In the coming days we are committed to providing you with a list of recommendations for the positions of team Captain, Manager and Coach. We are in the process of gathering the necessary ground availability information and the associated cost ranges for each practice session. Please stay tuned for further communication regarding practice schedules, and selected ground locations as well.

We would like to thank you for allowing us to be a part of the 2010 CCL Cougar selection process and its logistics.

Best regards,

(Kit Diasabeygunawardena, Narayan Madabusi, Manju Harthikote Matha)

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