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Colorado vs Houston *Live*
May 11, 2006  Email article   Print article  

The Colorado Cougars

Houston 197 all out in 36.5 Overs
Colorado 142 (41.1 Overs)
Houston won the toss and elected to bat

50 Over Game

Live Scorecard

Batsmen               R  B  4s  6s
Jarrar 3 0 0 0
Afan 51 3 0
Bowlers O M R W
Sushil 4 18 0
Jermaine 9.1 4 10 3

Jermaine continues to Afan - Jermaine's last - important over here

OUT! Houston wins
Afan's great innings comes to an end as Afan picks out long off and Niraj makes no mistake

Jermaine is the star for Houston with 3/10 from 9.1 overs

This is Sean - signing off! I hope you enjoyed it

Tight game - but the HCL comes out on top.

Sushil to Afan
1 run
1 run - quick single and a direct hit - but the batsman was home
4 runs - Afan goes to 49 - Great cut shot
1 run - Afan is dropped by Sushil (very tough chance) - brings up a great 50
1 run
1 run

Jermaine to Jarrar
No run
no run
no run
no run

Sushil to Afan
no run
no run
2 runs to deep mid on
1 run
1 run

Jermaine to Afan
no run
no run
WICKET - run out at the bowlers end - Afan smashed it back - Jermaine got a hand on it and Solanki is run out backing up
1 run
no run
no ball
no run

Full Scorecard
Ganesh 12 ct Ankit Bowled Usman
Pradeep 7 ct Niraj Bowled Abid
Ananth 8 ct Amir Bowled Usman
Rajesh 0 (1)LBW Bowled Abid
Vamshi 6 Bowled Ankit
Mike 4 LBW Jermain
Dipal 1 Ct Niraj Bowled Jermaine
Swadeep 7 ct Usamn Bowled Ankit
Solanki 6 Run Out - (Jermaine)

Sushil 44 ct Vamshi Bowled Dipal (Pull shot - top edge - straight to square leg)
Manish 14 ct swadeep bowled Dipal (ct cover poking at slower ball)
Ankit 13 ct Vamshi Bowled Dipal (slogs across the line caught at mid wicket)
Niraj 7 LBW Bowled Dipal - (Hit on front foot)
Abid 7 LBW Bowled Afan - (Hit on front foot)
Amir 18 Bowled Jarrar - (Played around swinging ball)
Owen 1 Caught Solanki Bowled Jarrar (pushed straight to point)
Patrick 1 Caught Afan Bowled Solanki (Shaped to leave - then waved late to gully)
Usman 6 Caught Doig Bowled Solanki (swipe down mid wicket's throat)
Tejas 20 Not Out
Jermaine 20 Caught

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