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25 CCL Probables for the CWCB championship
By Jarrar
Jan 24, 2005
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25 CCL Probables were chosen for the CWCB championship

CCL-EC of 2004 and 2005 has made an effort to short list a list of 25 probable players to participate in the late May CWCB championship.

These players are picked for various reasons with the single most important goal in mind to win the championship next year. CCL-EC will make an effort to arrange some practice facility where these players will be required to play together toward the common goal.

If you are on the list and you think you cannot devote time or the memorial-day weekend please let myself know so we can replace your name with someone else’s name.

The Vision:

My idea and vision for this exercise is to find out where we stand and what level of commitment we have and based on that we pick the final playing 14.


As per CCL by-laws the CCL-EC picks the captain first and then in consultation with the captain EC finalizes the team of 14 players. We will select a captain from these 25 probable players and then with him final 14.

The List:

I have categorized these names based on a very broad classification of batsmen and bowlers etc, however it must be noticed that many of the players are very good in other departments and at the time of final selection a comprehensive evaluation will be done.

Please note that I am printing the names of clubs for identification purposes, at the time of picking these names we just concentrated on the names not the clubs.


We probably are not a very solid batting side but still we have some very talented batsmen and I am sure we can groom them to provide us a solid batting line against the mighty oppositions like HCL and NTCA.

1) Rajesh Mosur (CCCC-Gold)
2) Aravind Sampath (CSUCC)
3) Rajesh Joshi (CCCC-Green)
4) Ravi Sajjan (FCCC)
5) Mahesh Sampath (DSCC)
6) Kishore Saitwal (CSUCC)
7) Vamshi Kyatham (DSCC)
8) Kervyn Dimney (CSCC)
9) Gopal Susuralla (FCCC)
10) Keyur Desai (CCCC-Green)

These two players are also very good wicket keepers and champion batsmen:

11) Pradeep Pagadala (CCCC-Gold)
12) Ganesh Sharma (FCCC)

All rounders and bowlers

Our strength lies in the quality of All rounders and very good fast bowlers that we have, and I am sure we will get good help from them:

13) Jarrar Jaffari (CCCC-Gold)
14) Owais Mughal (CCCC-Gold)
15) Rajesh Solanki (CCCC-Gold)
16) Nadeem Rafique (FCCC)
17) Vaibhav Madhok (CSUCC)
18) Ashok Laxman (CSCC)
19) Dipal Patel (FCCC)
20) Mike Doig (CSCC)
21) Govind Unkalkar (CCCC-Gold)
22) Ajay Januraia "AJ" (LCC)
23) Rohit Madhok (CCCC-Gold)
24) Swadeep Pagadala(CCCC-Gold)
25) Suresh Kalakrishnan (DSCC)

Knocking on the door

These players will get in (in no particular order) if someone vacates a spot:

Krishna Nemmani (CCCC-Green)
Imran Choudhry (LCC)
Randika Fernando(LCC)
Vicky Chugh (OWCC)
Rajesh Idate (FCCC)
Amer Chowdery (RBCC)
Sameer Sarwant (CCCC-Green)

If you have any question please do not hesitate to call me or drop me an email.

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