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CCL team for the Central West Regional Championship
By Jarrar Jaffari
Apr 22, 2004
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The Colorado Cricket League Team - Cougars

To: All LMC members
CC: All club presidents, Members of the Executive Committee
RE: CCL team for the "Central West regional championship"

Dear all,

In March of this year I was approached by the President of the USACA's Central West region, Mr. Syed Shahnawaz, about sending a Colorado Cricket League's reprentative team to the Central West regional championship, to be held in Houston, TX, over the memorial day week-end.

Each team that participate is responsible for their lodging and travelling, though I will try to get the information about motels nearby the playing facilities.

We, the members of the executive committee, have been sending reminders to the clubs to inform us about the people who want to be part of the team. Based on response we have selected following team:

The Captain:
Swadeep Pagadala. (Coal Creek Cricket Club)
Off spin bowler and batsman.

Vice Capatin:
No one, Captain can chose any one he wants.

Wicket Keeper:
Pradeep Pagadala. (Coal Creek Cricket Club)

Govind Unkalkar. (Coal Creek Cricket Club)
Rajesh Mosur. (Coal Creek Cricket Club)
Rajesh Joshi. (Coal Creek Cricket Club)
Ganesh Sharma. (Fort Collins Cricket Club)
Michael Doig. (One World Cricket Club) : He is a new player and I just assume he is a batsman.
Anand chavali. (Coal Creek Cricket Club)

Rohit Malok. (Coal Creek Cricket Club)
Phaneendra Bollavaram. (Coal Creek Cricket Club)

All Rounders:
Sam George. (Coal Creek Cricket Club)
Right arm off-spiner, middle order batsman

Rajesh Solanki. (Coal Creek Cricket Club)
Right arm swing bowler and batsman

These are twelve players, the playing eleven will be the choice of the captain. This is a very competetive team, though I would have loved to see a more diversity, and I expect them to do really good in the tournament and bring back the winning trophy. At the same time it is desireous of them to exhibit high standards of sportmanship.

Off the field in all matters requiring a league representation will be resolved and handled by CCL Vice President Ganesh Sharma and CCL secretary Rajesh Joshi, I expect all team members to help them in any way and form they can.

Shouldn't we name the team something, so what about CCL Cougars?

I will pass along any information that comes my way!

Jarrar Jaffari
President Colorado Cricket League (2004)

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